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We're all about Custom Service...


We’re here for as much, (or as little) as you need. Maybe you’re looking for a how-to garden consultation… you need some ideas, or pointers that you can use in your landscape.


Maybe you need help with plant selection and placement. Or perhaps you are desiring a deck or a patio, a water feature or a wall. In that case, you may need an architecturally drawn landscape design.


And should you require professional installation for some or all of your project, we are here to assist you.









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Why "Al fresco"?


"Perhaps the best way to sum up what my company is about is tell you how the name " The Al frescoBarbara Jean Farrell Connection" came to be.


"Al fresco" is Italian for "outdoors" in great outdoors. We in the Pacific Northwest have ample opportunities to experience the beauty that is all around us, all the time.


"Only, sometimes we get so driven, by the demands of life that we simply forget... We forget the beauty altogether.

"That's where I come in. The"connection", so to speak. A match-maker, in a way. My goal is to re-establish your relationship with your own great outdoors ."


Barbara J. Farrell